The Role of the Headline

One part of every web page that can be a little confusing for many people is the main heading. It’s the one large piece of text, just a few words, that is featured in a prominent location somewhere on the page. Far too often, I see sites and pages that are attempting to do too […]

The “Call Us Now!” Button

There is a concept in physics that states that objects in motion tend to follow the path of least resistance; people work in much the same way. When looking to solve a problem, we tend to look for the path of least resistance. I know that for some of us (myself leading the pack) we’re […]

When a Site Navigation Gets Long

Last week, a client asked for some help adding a new link to their site. The problem they were having, was that their main navigation was now being broken into two lines. Not only did it not look great from a visual standpoint, it was also a little goofy to navigate through. That’s a common […]

Stock Photography On Your Website?

At Full Scope Creative, we love having slideshows on the sites that we design. Slideshows can do so much for a site. They provide some action to the site. They provide a visual chance to highlight some different aspects of the business. It’s almost scary, though, how many sites we look at that are using […]

Do users know what to do on your Home Page?

It’s easy to argue that the most important page on a website is the homepage. It’s the page where a large number of users will start their experience on your site. Sadly, though, far too often we see sites with a homepage that is either too distracting or gives no clear direction to the user. […]

What are Responsive Sites?

At a recent business networking event, I mentioned responsive websites. A couple people in the group asked, “What is a responsive website?” After that meeting I thought a quick explanation of responsive sites could be helpful. A responsive site is a mobile friendly site that is equally easy to use on a wide array of […]

People Want to See People

One of the biggest problems I see on many websites, is that they have very few photos. Often times when they do have photos, those photos are missing a very important subject matter – people. Take a restaurant for example. Having photos of the food is a good idea. Having photos of the inside of […]

Google and Responsive Websites

As you’ve probably heard, Google announced earlier this year that they are going to start including a measure of how responsive or mobile friendly a website is in their rankings. In recent years, smartphone and tablet sales have been outpacing desktop sales. To see if your website is a responsive and mobile friendly site, one […]

Pop Ups

We’ve all seen pop ups on a site before. In the early days of the .com boom they seemed to be everywhere. Pages would sometimes have several different pop ups, not just throughout the site, but sometimes even the same page. As annoying as they were back then, there is still a time and a […]

I Don’t Need a Website

Every so often I hear someone say “I don’t need a website because 99% of my business is from referrals.” For some businesses, they are in fact about 99% referral. But just because someone is referred to you doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear more about you before getting in touch. It’s the year […]