Testimonials are a great item to have on a site. They provide prospective customers a glimpse of what it’s going to be like working with your company. Before you start adding the testimonials to your website, here are a couple of ideas to keep in mind.

I’ve done a couple of testimonial pages for customers through the years, but truth be told, those pages never seem to have that much traffic. How often do you go to a site and actually read through testimonials page (if they have one)? A better idea is to sprinkle the testimonials throughout the site. Put one in the sidebar section of the site or in the footer. Don’t over load the page with them, just place them there to let prospects get another view of what it is like working with your company.

The best testimonials are ones that revolve around the person giving the testimonial. Because of that, it’s best if you can include the persons name, what company they are with, and a photo of the person. Photos are worth a thousand words, and adding a photo of the person leaving the testimonial magnifies the impact of their testimonial.

If you don’t have any testimonials yet, reach out to a couple of your favorite customers and tell them that you are adding testimonials to your site and were wondering if they would contribute one. Whatever they send back, use it, don’t change the words to make it sound better. People can spot a scam a mile away and changing the testimonial that a customer gives you is truly a scam. I’ll even provide you with a quick email to send out to them, just copy and paste this:

Hi [customer name],

I’m adding some testimonials to my website and was wondering if you would be willing to provide one. Was also wondering if I could use your name and the company name. If you have a photo we could include with it that would be great!


[your name]

Pretty quick and easy wasn’t it? Just copy and paste that and email it to your five favorite customers and you’ll have a couple great testimonials to get started with.

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