Start With Why

Do you know why you are in business? And “to make money” isn’t the answer I had in mind. At the core of your business, what is there that drives your company? Simon Sinek has a fantastic book out about just this, Start With Why. The book goes over some common pitfalls that businesses fall […]

Book Review – Eat That Frog

Have you ever noticed that some people seam to get a lot more done in a day than others? It almost seams as though they have a magical extra hour or two in their day. I always wondered how those people got so much more done. I also wondered how or if I could become […]

Book Review – Take the Stairs

Some “self help” books really aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Many of them seam to focus on theory and end there. One of the reasons I really enjoyed “Take the Stairs” by Rory Vaden, was because he didn’t just end on theory, he followed through to application. “Take the Stairs” is about […]

Book Review – EntreLeadership

To bring 2013 to a close, I re-read EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. Even though Dave Ramsey is known as a financial expert and has authored many books helping people get out of debt, this book is about how he grew his business, or as he says, it is “20 years of practical business wisdom from […]

Book Review – Rhinoceros Success

I first heard of this book through Dave Ramsey. I have read a couple of Dave’s books and always found great value in them. So when I read that he required all of his team members to read Rhinoceros Success in the first 90 days I figured I’d give it a read. While the name […]