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Full Scope Creative has been providing website hosting services in Brown Deer WI for over 10 years. We offer everything from secure website hosting to domain name to email and more.

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Brown Deer Website Hosting

If you’re looking for secure website hosting in Brown Deer without having to decipher a whole bunch of geek speak, then you’ve come to the right place! Sure, we could go into all the geek speak here about bandwidth and server space, but we know what you’re really looking for. Our Security Essentials Hosting plan includes all the key components to keeping your site and users safe and secure. The main features offered in our Security Essentials Hosting plan are:

  1. 100% US based support
  2. SSL certificate
  3. Dedicated IP address
  4. Full Scope Creative handles all WordPress system updates
  5. Full Scope Creative monitors and responds to all security notices
  6. Full Scope Creative downloads and locally stores a weekly site backup
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Website Hosting Simplified

We know hosting can be confusing. With Full Scope Creative, you can have all of your website hosting assets managed by a single provider. On top of our secure website hosting and fast, friendly support, we’re proud to offer domain name registration, malware security, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. No need to spend your valuable time dealing with frustrating customer service and finding which provider does what. We’re always a simple call or email away.

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Why you’ll love website hosting with Full Scope Creative

99.99% up-time and superb speed

Weekly backups – with more frequent backup options available if needed

Should anything ever go wrong, you just need to email or call Full Scope Creative and we’ll get it fixed quickly with no need to wait on hold or work with overseas support

10 email accounts included in each site – more are available upon request

We help with email support and any email configuration issues

One stop shop for all website hosting Brown Deer needs, including domain names, hosting, SSL, domain privacy protection and more

We can help keep your website secure with our WordPress System Updates program

SpamAssassin is used to remove as much spam as possible

PHP and mySQL databases are included in each hosting account, providing great support for both WordPress based websites

cPanel and FTP access available

Website hosting Brown Deer
100% US Based Support

If something should go wrong with your site, there’s no need to sit on hold for hours with a call center that you have a tough time communicating with. All of our tech support is located in the United States. All you need to do is call us, email us, send us a Facebook message, send us a LinkedIn Message, send us an Instagram message, or send us a text message, and we’ll start getting the problem fixed right away. All with no geek speak!

Additional Website Hosting Brown Deer Security

For some industries and websites, there may be additional security needs for the website hosting. We can help out in all of those cases by adding on additional layers of security when needed. With our secure website hosting, we can add on any of these additional security features anytime that the need arises. With our additional security options, we can provide things like:

  • On-demand Machine
    Learning powered malware scanner
  • Intelligent Web Application Firewall
  • Bad Bot elimination
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Prevention from Credit Card Hack, Japanese SEO spam, Redirection hack and tons of such attacks

Our website hosting get people talking

Wonderful experience working with Chris and his staff for the redesign of some marketing pieces for the upcoming year. Great turn time, super responsive to feedback, and final results were really impressive. Thank you so much!!

Jacob Jirschele

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We pride ourselves on the quality, craftsmanship, and ROI that our websites provide for our clients. Our team is highly trained to provide you with the best possible website and customer service for your website design project.

Web Design Case Study: De Pere Chamber of Commerce

Our recent site launch for the De Pere Area Chamber of Commerce, is a great example of the care and attention we offer each client throughout our design process.

Each of our websites is custom-designed to align with our clients’ individual goals and brand personalities, and the site design for the De Pere Chamber of Commerce is no exception. We achieved the results that Chamber was looking for by making sure we laid a good foundation for the site design. We began by conducting a thorough SEO audit of their current site and their competitors’ sites to ensure we were being strategic with specific design elements – everything from the copy to the number of images and use of keywords. This information varies from site to site, so it’s important that we take the time to do this step.

We then had the client fill out our in-depth website questionnaire that is meant to allow the client to communicate what it is that will make their website successful in their eyes – everything from specific calls-to-action, to specific wording, to color palette and branding. We took all of this research into account before sitting down to design the site.

Website Design Goals and Objectives

When we were discussing site goals with Kitty Johnson, CEO of the Chamber, in the initial discovery meeting, she mentioned that they wanted to be able to easily make updates to the site as needed. She shared some of the marketing objectives they had and landing pages they planned on creating. We may use it for all of our sites, but after that first meeting we knew that WordPress and Elementor were going to be a great choice for this site. Since Kitty and the team at the Chamber have a background and community engagement, not website design, they can simply and easily log in and simply click to edit any features on the home page.

Search Engine Optimization

What does that mean from an SEO standpoint? Since the client can easily keep the site updated with fresh new content and add new features as needed, the site has a considerably better chance of getting a top ranking. With all of the headings on the site, we made sure to take some time and review each of those headings to make sure it had the perfect words. Since one of the main places Google is going to look to find keywords is in the Headings, we made sure to include “De Pere” and “business” in as many as we could. As we were doing this fine tuning, if there was a heading that we really couldn’t fit those keywords into, we either let it go as is or found another way to get other keywords added in.

Secure Website Hosting

The site for is hosted on our Security Essentials Hosting plan. With this, Kitty can spend her time doing what she does best –promoting the De Pere area – and leave the confusing website hosting to us. The Security Essentials Hosting plan covers the SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, and Full Scope Creative monitors and responds to all security notices, downloads a weekly backup of the site, and runs all the WordPress system updates 3 times each week.

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