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Full Scope Creative has been providing website hosting services for the Fox Valley for over 15 years. We offer everything from secure website hosting to domain name to email and more.

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Website Hosting Fox Valley

If you’re looking for secure website hosting in Fox Valley without having to decipher a whole bunch of geek speak, then you’ve come to the right place! Sure, we could go into all the geek speak here about bandwidth and server space, but we know what you’re really looking for. Our Security Essentials Hosting plan includes all the key components to keeping your site and users safe and secure. The main features offered in our Security Essentials Hosting plan are:

  1. 100% US based support
  2. SSL certificate
  3. Dedicated IP address
  4. Full Scope Creative handles all WordPress system updates
  5. Full Scope Creative monitors and responds to all security notices
  6. Full Scope Creative downloads and locally stores a weekly site backup
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Website Hosting Simplified

We know hosting can be confusing. With Full Scope Creative, you can have all of your website hosting assets managed by a single provider. On top of our secure website hosting and fast, friendly support, we’re proud to offer domain name registration, malware security, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. No need to spend your valuable time dealing with frustrating customer service and finding which provider does what. We’re always a simple call or email away.

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Why you’ll love website hosting with Full Scope Creative

99.99% up-time and superb speed

Weekly backups – with more frequent backup options available if needed

Should anything ever go wrong, you just need to email or call Full Scope Creative and we’ll get it fixed quickly with no need to wait on hold or work with overseas support

10 email accounts included in each site – more are available upon request

We help with email support and any email configuration issues

One stop shop for all website hosting Fox Valley needs, including domain names, hosting, SSL, domain privacy protection and more

We can help keep your website secure with our WordPress System Updates program

SpamAssassin is used to remove as much spam as possible

PHP and mySQL databases are included in each hosting account, providing great support for both WordPress based websites

cPanel and FTP access available

Website hosting Fox Valley WI
100% US Based Support

If something should go wrong with your site, there’s no need to sit on hold for hours with a call center that you have a tough time communicating with. All of our tech support is located in the United States. All you need to do is call us, email us, send us a Facebook message, send us a LinkedIn Message, send us an Instagram message, or send us a text message, and we’ll start getting the problem fixed right away. All with no geek speak!

Additional Website Hosting Security

For some industries and websites, there may be additional security needs for the website hosting. We can help out in all of those cases by adding on additional layers of security when needed. With our secure website hosting, we can add on any of these additional security features anytime that the need arises. With our additional security options, we can provide things like:

  • On-demand Machine
    Learning powered malware scanner
  • Intelligent Web Application Firewall
  • Bad Bot elimination
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Prevention from Credit Card Hack, Japanese SEO spam, Redirection hack and tons of such attacks

Our Website Hosting Fox Valley WI gets people talking

Full Scope Creative (specifically working with Chris Robinson) has been super responsive to our needs within Intentional Mentoring. Chris helped get us situated on a website that fit our budget and our experience in managing a website. When we were looking to redesign the website, he worked with us to make sure it fit the vibe we wanted for our organization, held the terminology and access points we were looking for, and allowed us to speak with him frequently about suggestions and updates. Whenever we had new people join us that needed to learn the website, Chris was able to work with them virtually to learn and understand the process of managing our side. Throughout our time working with Full Scope Creative, we have appreciated the consistency, timeliness, and product we have been given. Additionally, we appreciate the direct connection we get in response to questions and concerns.

Katie-Mae Imhoof-Smith

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