Do you know why you are in business? And “to make money” isn’t the answer I had in mind. At the core of your business, what is there that drives your company? Simon Sinek has a fantastic book out about just this, Start With Why. The book goes over some common pitfalls that businesses fall into and why focusing on the WHY of your business will bring greater success.

One of those common traps many businesses fall into is focusing on being the “lowest priced” option in the market. The problem with doing that is that if/when someone else comes along and offers the same (or comparable) product cheaper, your clientele will switch in a heartbeat. Instead, if you focus on the WHY of your business, you will build a much great loyalty. What wakes you up in the morning and makes it so you can’t wait to get to work? What makes you one of the people who doesn’t hate Mondays? That is the WHY we’re looking for.

Knowing your WHY works great not only for building great relationships with clients, but also with employees. Employees who know why the business they work for is in business, they can buy into that why, they become a part of it. If an employee is simply working a job, they will be gone as soon as a better option comes their way. Instead, if their passions match up with the companies WHY, they’ll be a much more loyal employee, through thick and thin.

I can’t do justice to what Simon Sinek all covers in Start With Why in a blog post or book review. If you’re starting a business, looking to grow, or looking to stay on top of your industry, read Start With Why, and then most importantly, starting incorporating your WHY into your business and your marketing.