Website Hosting

If you’ve been looking for a place to host your website, you’ve probably seen plenty of confusing charts and diagrams showing how much storage space and bandwidth are available with different options. At Full Scope Creative, we make it a little easier to see why our hosting options are the best choice for your website.

Why should you host your website with Full Scope Creative?

  1. 99.99% up-time and superb speed
  2. Weekly backups – with more frequent backup options available if needed
  3. Should anything ever go wrong, you just need to email or call Full Scope Creative and we’ll get it fixed quickly with no need to wait on hold or work with overseas support
  4. 10 email accounts included in each site – more are available upon request
  5. We help with email support and any email configuration issues
  6. One stop shop for all hosting needs, including domain names, hosting, SSL, domain privacy protection and more
  7. We can help keep your website secure with our WordPress System Updates program
  8. SpamAssassin is used to remove as much spam as possible
  9. PHP and mySQL databases included in each hosting account, providing great support for both WordPress and Drupal based websites
  10. cPanel and FTP access available

Our hosting options are ideal for our clients, as they can keep all website and marketing design in one place. Any time there are any questions with anything – your website, brochure, newsletter, flyer, or hosting services, simply contact Full Scope Creative.


Working with Chris has been a wonderful experience! I am in a line of work where I launch different programs at different times, so each project is unique and different. Chris responds to my emails, returns my calls, answers my questions, is patient and professional. I truly appreciate his ability to give quality feedback when it comes to the marketing side of things. He is very supportive and encouraging, while at the same time, will give you his professional feedback if something is not in alignment with the end goal of what the webpage is trying to accomplish. The working relationship is professional, supportive, collaborative and fun! I would highly recommend working with Chris!

~ Ronda Stevens Ready, Set, Live Holistic Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC